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Promoted gigs

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When I first started using promoted gigs they performed well for me, but they've been getting worse over time. I calculated the percentage spend against the amount of sales and the results show what I'd suspected...

  • This year 14%
  • Last 60 days 23%
  • Last 30 days 57%

A 57% spend against the revenue earned from promoted gigs is just crazy. And this doesn't even take into consideration Fiverr's fees.

Is anyone else noticing poor results from promoted gigs? 

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1 hour ago, all_asmoule said:

but,, all gig not promote ...just choice fiverr

Yes, Fiverr chooses which gigs can be promoted.  If you qualify you can get access to the Promoted Gigs feature.

Promoted Gigs. The Promoted Gigs Program allows qualified Sellers to promote their business by making their Gigs visible as ads in prime locations in the marketplace (the “Ads”), within certain categories. Promoted Gigs uses a second-price auction mechanism to determine the cost and placement of ads from participating Sellers. In Promoted Gigs, Sellers pay a fee only when Buyers click on the Sellers’ Ads. Promoted Gigs is available for qualified sellers who meet various quality metrics and are not found to be in violation of the Terms of Service and/or Fiverr’s Community Standards. 

Read more about it here: ⬇️



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