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45 minutes ago, typing_master21 said:

Hello Community,

Recently I have got an "advance cash option". Now If I withdraw advance cash from Fiverr. Then unfortunately if Fiverr suspends my account then how will pay this Taka by me? Advance Cash withdraw will be good or bad?

Thanks and Regards

@typing_master21 Cash Advance gives our selected sellers the option to receive an on-the-spot cash advance to grow their business. The advance is immediately deposited into their Fiverr Balance and is available for withdrawal.

There is no pressure to pay the Cash Advance, especially since no interest is charged. The way you pay it back is with your future earnings—for every sale you make as a Fiverr seller, 40% of your Fiverr earnings is used to pay the Cash Advance in full. When you don’t have earnings, you don’t pay the Cash Advance.

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