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order cancellation after job done with good feedback


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I want send this message to support, and should I do this? I mean it's after few conversation.


"Buyer asked me for revision after two months. and I said that, I'll do But after two days. I didn't even say him that I'll not. However, If He want to cancel then ok for this order. But what about other two? Other two still he is using on his home page and working fine. He cancel this other two, because of this one. what is this justice? and If client can cancel their order after complete then I don't think you care about sellers. Just read my previous chat with him. I don't think I violate your any of rules. He just made a mind to cancel and he did. and you're supporting this. It was a nice experience to work on your site. If I'm good in my skill then I don't think that I need your site. and final word, sellers are not safe on your website."

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