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Excellent seller, on many levels

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When I first contracted Israt Asma for WP work, I admit I chose her largely from on an intuitive hunch. At the time, Israt did not have a significant amount of projects behind her, or numerous good reviews. I do remember I was seeking someone who could quickly assist in a site migration from HTML to WP.

Since then, Israt and I have completed a couple of projects for my migration. I'm entirely satisfied with her work and will continue hiring her in the future.

But the latest chat Isrant and I had was about the global freelancing environment (not just Fiverr). She impressed me yet again. How so?

Obviously the fundamental challenge for freelance service sellers and buyers alike is establishing value, or to recognize the quality of one's work. Furthermore, numerous variables impact negotiation, some vitally value-connected, others little more than prejudicial or even discriminatory. Israt and I also discussed these openly, constructively.

Nevertheless, we also agreed how crucial it is for sellers to have a clear understanding of their work's value. That understand is crucial for good, constructive negotiation. And it is important not just for negotiation. It also provides education and insight to both sellers and buyers about the value of quality service.

When Israt clearly identifies to me the boundary of her work value, it helps me immensely to understand not just her work value - but also that of other sellers.

This is vitally important information for Western buyers.

We all know the price of work here varies immensely. However, the price of QUALITY WORK will not vary that much, floating closer to the top. We also know beginner sellers, just starting here, will often undervalue their work until they become more established.

What you sellers need to remember is this: there are careful buyers here.

We study, we compare (much more than price), we read reviews carefully. The purchase of higher quality service probably does not happen here as much as quick, fast and dirty transactions.

However, quality customers will also more frequently be repeat customers. It is repeat customers that will most rapidly mature your skills and insight as a seller.

Finally, a quality customer will more likely become a loyal customer.

I suspect that is why Israt encouraged me to make my first post here in the Forum. She knows she does not need to fear someone trying to 'steal' me away.

Ultimately, buyer-seller transactions are what build business relationships. Quality work is what allows such relationships to mature and grow.

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This is great to see you in Forum you raise your voice for the first time about this massive issue. 

I hope our honourable clients and seller will get a good lesson from this and they will think about the value of work and the value of service for price. 

Thank you so much. 

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