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Discouraged!! , not like before


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What happens when you publish a new gig?

When we publish a new gig, there's a brief window in time, where a lot of things happen in the background.

Your gig gets indexed essentially and then unless it gets taken down for breaking ToS, Fiverr needs to calculate how well your gig will perform, POTENTIALLY.

This is the tricky part: in order for Fiverr to do so, it needs to guesstimate the result, based on a highly complicated formula.
This part is from an article written by @frank_d
All the very best to you.

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I am introducing you to the new seller. In fact, luck works only when the goal is fixed and hard work is done in the right way. Try it and you will get orders like everyone else. I got the job after a lot of struggle.

1 hour ago, adsstorm said:

i was very happy to join fiverr and creating my first gig waiting for orders , but still nothing until now  is that linked to the luck of person or what ?


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