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Annoying buyer, how to help them understand things that are suppose to.



I recently had a project with the buyer, and he provided me an XD file to be converted to a functional website which I did. Along the way, he requested for revisions for almost 20-30 times with just things that are out of the scope of the order! He later provided another updated XD file and told me to match it. I did little things that were in the new xd file but not big one saying that it is out of the scope of the order.

Later, he sent me an email design that should be coded and implemented to the website which I would not do less than 200$ but I didn't it for free for him so that he don't cancel the order after 2 months of hard work.

After all this, the order was finially completed, later he placed a small order for other revisions, which was fair.

And again, we have another order and he provided another new XD file and the order was about only to copy and paste the text. But now he misusing the revisions feature by sending me requests of the previous order (the first one, which was done a month ago). So I could not bare and sent a cancellation, and he refused and I contact CS, they told me to contact him again and make him understand which I did. And he removed a few things from the list but there are still "out of the scope" things. But I did it anyway, and I have a hard feeling that he is going to send me another revisions with new things from previous order. 


P.S If I refuse to do revisions for the first order (a month ago), will my first order will be cancelled as well?

How should I deal with him?

Expert please help. 

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