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Hy Fiverr Community, It's Usama!

I just wanted to ask how am I doing as a new seller. I have created 4 gigs. You can view my profile (and my gigs) here:

My Fiverr Profile URL

I appreciate any constructive feedback coming from you as an experienced seller. The feedback can be regarding anything e.g. my profile, description, gig images, profile image, videos etc. And just so you can give me more precise and valuable insights, I'm also attaching my gig analytics screenshots.


Best Regards!

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Hi @usama_websec! Welcome to the forum!

I would be careful with calling out to "Experienced Sellers Only" because that might deter some people who might have very good feedback for you. 

On 10/28/2022 at 6:08 AM, usama_websec said:

I appreciate any constructive feedback coming from you as an experienced seller.

I'll actually give you feedback as both a buyer and a seller ...and I think a buyer's perspective might help you more than a seller's perspective.

You are a web developer, so you are in a very competitive category on Fiverr. Every day, there are a lot of web developers coming to the forum asking how they can improve their gigs so that they can get more orders. I find that the most common error in most of them is that they are not writing their gigs for their customers. 

Let me explain:

I'm not a web developer. I made one website using Wordpress that I hope no one will find because I'm not proud of how it looks. That was 3 years ago. I do want to update it, but I don't want to touch it because I worked hard to make it (as terrible as it is). If I do upgrade my website, it will most likely be with the help of a web developer on Fiverr. So I could potentially be your target customer.

Your titles, tags, and gig descriptions should be very close to what your target buyers will be typing into search when they look for your services. I won't type in "Javascript front end developer" or "figma sketch xd psd design to html css and javascript." Most likely I'll type in something like "redesign my website" or "create an awesome website."

When I scan through search results looking for gigs that catch my eye, I will skim over the technical terms and will go for the titles that best match my search terms. Tailoring your titles, tags, and gig descriptions to your target buyers will help you to increase impressions from relevant buyers who are more likely to click and buy your gig.

Address the pain points of your buyers. Most web developers like you will list all of the technologies multiple times (in their bio, titles, gig descriptions, and gig images) because they think it'll give them a lot of credibility in the eyes of the buyers. However, your buyers are not as technical as you are, so this isn't as important as you think it is.

Buyers only want to see if you can deliver what they want. I might choose a self-taught web developer over a front end, or even full stack developer, if they can give me what I'm looking for. Based on my pain points, I'll be looking for a web developer that can give me an awesome website, help me know how to maintain it, and has a coaching gig to help me learn the basics so I'll never be embarrassed about my website again. 

Gigs that are successful are gigs that are written with the buyer in mind. Speak their language and don't be too technical. Address their pain points and show them how you are the solution to their problems. Don't just say you will do web animation - your buyers don't understand how that helps them - show them how it addresses their pain point and solves their problem. One question I had was, are you going to just add web animation to my subpar website, or are you going to also help me fix it so it looks better?

Keep your eyes on your impressions, clicks, and orders. Impressions will tell you how relevant you are to your buyers. Clicks will tell you how attractive your gig is. Make sure your title and gig images clearly show what your services are. Prices, seller level, and reviews can also make your gig more or less attractive.

If you get clicks but no orders, that means once buyers clicked on your gig and checked it out, they decided not to order from you. So they went on to someone else's gig. Your goal is to turn visitors into buyers and give them reasons to order from you (not your competitors). 

I do like the videos that you have, because it shows what you can do. The more you can show, the more the buyers can visualize how their own website can look like, and the more likely they will be to order your gig. 

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  • Maybe you could make a better video thumbnail / gig image without the "sale" and "50% off". Some buyers might think it's sketchy.
  • What's the the green box with a circle and a X? :classic_ninja:
  • Your gig titles are too long.

The rest seems okay (I visit only one of your gig pages, it seems to be properly written, tagged etc.).


On 10/28/2022 at 9:01 PM, vickieito said:

I'll type in something like "redesign my website" or "create an awesome website."

Actually, he's correct. The terms "javascript," "front end developer," "figma" and "html" are very specific. That's because there are many more people who prefer wix, wordpress, shopify and other platforms that coders don't do (or dislike even). Unless the buyer is completely clueless, they are likely to know if they want a coded website or platformed website. Most buyers do some research before approaching a seller, so I believe most buyers know what type of website they want.

He needs to reword them.

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