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No buyer request and no brief coming to my profile


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I have good enough gig to get the attention but even then buyer requests are not showing at my end either. I talked to support and they said brief goes to eligible gigs. So i have no idea what is going on. Although i have been using fiverr for long time but i can not understand this. Any senior who can help us in this ? Please do, we are waiting for good advice from seniors or from support. I will be very thankful to you. 

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14 hours ago, alexfun said:

I have good enough gig to get the attention

Then you have good enough gig to get orders through search and not worry about briefs. Your last delivery was 7 hours ago, so it's not like you're not getting orders.

As for why your gig might not be eligible, perhaps this review from a month ago is the reason? "First set of logos were unimpressive, but final product was fine. Had to go back and forth a couple of times to get a product that I thought was acceptable. Changes requested in a revision weren't always made and had to make a second request."

Plus, as @vickiespencersaid, there could have been some not-so-good private reviews.

The best you can do at this point is to offer great service and great customer support (for example, if a buyer requests a revision, try to make the changes that they wanted without them making another request about the same thing).

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