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I need help in Licence and Copyright of my Cartoon work?


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Hello Friends:)

My name is Dev, I am new freelance artist from INDIA.

I need your help in Licence work.

I am creating my own Weblog in FRAGGLESROCK.com want to sell my art work, Specially Cartoon and Caricature work.

I have set my basic price for cartoons and caricature and also I have set the Price of my art work Licence (I want to use personal permission letter typed on my letter head paper and signature by me.)

I have read lots of licence articles & Blogs on the net and I know what things I need to mention in my permission letter to protect my art work and possible future income from same art work.

I have also categorized my permission letter according to use my art as “Personal use/Individual use”, “Non-commercial use”, "commercial use."

But I am little confuse…

What If Client from another country will buy my cartoon of $30 (actually order me to draw work on his Instructions for $30) and also pay me $20 extra for Getting Licence of using my work for 1 year in his official internal use only, like presentation, newsletters etc (which come in non-commercial use. as I think).

So, Will it be enough If I send my client the completed cartoon work with my “permission giving letter” (Instead of licence) written/typed on my official letterhead paper with my signature.

I can typed permission letter in very details, I can mention that I am giving permission for using my art work for one year in specific area and also mention that what things client can DOs and DON’ts with my art works include my copyrights notice.

My permission letter will have all things like a licence have, (except legal words).

But I am not fully sure…(But I know some artist and cartoonist do this, I have visited their websites)

So, Will it be enough If I send my client the completed cartoon work with my “permission giving letter” Instead of licence prepared by Lawyer.

Because I can not afford Lawyer.

please share with me your opinion.

Thanks & Regards


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To be sure you’re getting the correct information, you really do need to discuss this with a lawyer such as a copyright lawyer. Since you can’t afford to hire one, why not visit a legal website which answers questions, sometimes for free or a fee much lower than visiting a law office? Another option is to buy a Fiverr gig from a legal consultant or lawyer who answers questions.

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