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How can I get my fast order


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2 hours ago, shabana_smm said:

already I was passed few days but till now  don`t  get  order.

Some sellers wait for months to get their first order.

Some never get it.

If you can really "promote any business or products or services to millions of people worldwide", as you claim in your profile description, then you can also promote your Fiverr business to those millions of people worldwide, and get orders that way.

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20 minutes ago, shabana_smm said:


You claim to be a digital marketer with access to 5 million followers. If this is true, then why don't you market your gig to these people?

If you convert just 0.1% of the following then you will get 5000 orders in an instant 😀

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This is not an answers that is within the area of control of any Fiverr seller, kindly do your part by making yourself available and your profile ready for buyers, but many sellers have clue on getting orders daily or weekly, mind you when you have many orders at same time you might compromized quality take it slow @shabana_smm @breals please take it easy on her question, that is how some people loop question.


#One love ❤️ #Fiverr_Forum

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First of all welcome you are new joiner. 🥀

For example, a shopkeeper opens a shop in a market and at first he does not expect orders very quickly. 🙂 Same, please don't expect the order too fast, you will be more disappointed. 🥰 So please keep promoting your service on various social media, this way your target audience will know about your service and you will generate your sales very quickly. 😍
Congratulations in advance for your moment. 😇

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