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How is the process of mixing a song? I have an answer...

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    Mixing is like building a ladder on which sounds and melodies go . And I will say at once it is not so easy to do especially if the staircase is not made of straw and sticks but of iron.

let us highlight the main elements : 

  • Sounds . Dfinitely a high-quality selection of sounds plays an important role in the arrangement in general . And if you ask a freelancer to pick up the sounds well he will certainly choose the first liked, pumped . And it’s pretty unusual, because this Pumped sound will be all exactly quality.🙂
  • Melody and main idea . I don’t know how other freelancers of Mixing do but in my case the idea comes after the melody. First in first , I do the chords and melody and then the idea comes to me and I already imagine how it sounds. 
  • Turn this thought into a song . The most important thing is to fulfill the idea and do not abandon the project . The longest and most difficult part. It is at this stage that I give up my projects


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