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Hi everyone! I am not new in Fiver , but first time in Fiver Forum!

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Hi to all! I am professional guitarist and music producer from Ukraine! I've been on Fiver for a long time, but I've never been on this forum and I am glad to have a new friends here! Lets get to know each other and I'll tell you more about more about myself and my work!

I play guitar for many years. Studied in Glier institute of Music in Jazz faculty. You can listen a few of my guitar songs for the following links:



Also , I play a lot of other instrument like a Handpans, Armenian Duduk, SPD, Keyboards, Flutes and many others. I produce a great organic house\downtemplo project called The Hardestone. Please listen our live set in Ukrainian Museum of Art!


I record many soundtracks for different games, films and performance! You can check it here!



 On my Fiverr account I offer many services in different styles! Record solo guitars, guitar loops and sample packs, acoustic guitar services! Also a work work like a music producer and offer a music creation services in different styles! Rock, Rnb, Hip Hop, House ( Organic\Deep\Melodic\), Downtempo and Many Others! 


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