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What it takes to get clients on Fivvt

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Hey Guys,
I have a question for you, why buyer request does not show up on my dashboard?
I have almost 1 year on this platform, I bought courses to improve my skill, I promote my service, I’m active on the forum. What is wrong from my part? My service is not on demand?

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The buyer requests page should show after you select the “More” option from the top menu when you’re on pages like the dashboard. If you don’t see the “More” option check that your desktop resolution is at least around 1920x1080 and that you’re not zoomed in too far (try 100%. If you have a low res screen you could see if it shows when zoom is < 100% eg. 50%).

If you can access the buyer requests page but not see any buyer requests it might just be that there are currently no requests to show you. You could refresh the page a few times a day or add some more gigs in different categories to increase the chance of seeing some requests.

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I’m active on the forum.

Being “active” on the forum has no correlation to receiving Buyer’s Requests. It also has nothing to do with receiving orders, impressions or clicks that lead to someone actually buying your Gig.


I did not say being active can automatically give clients. I just made a point. It is not something I really want to discuss if I get orders or not.

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If you want to get repeat clients buy more often from you, you need to make sure your feel important and respect at all time.

You need to focus on the results they want first, not the transaction.

Treat their businesses like yours.

Do what it takes to make them feel valued and cared for

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When it comes to Facebook advertising there are a lot of things to be aware of. Here are 3 of them to avoid if you want to get at least a minimum results.

 Having a poor audience and offer match

 Using too broad or too narrow targeting

 Not having a clear value proposition

When I got started with Facebook 2 years ago, I made these mistakes often. Now, as I’ve learned from the best and always look for how I can learn something new on digital marketing because we live in a fast changing world. The things that was working in the pass not necessary working today.

my advice for our fellowship Fiverr.

Don’t stop learning new things.

what was your struggle when you first got started?

Let me know on the comment 👇 


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