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Hi! I got a consultation request from a potential buyer. They wanted to chat before purchasing. I told them that the only way we could do a video call would be once theres an order (According to CS). I created an order, the buyer completed the order. Once we got on the video call the buyer did not like that the video call would be recorded. I am not aware of anyway to get around this as I'm assuming this is automatically set by Fiverr. They continued to request to chat off the platform. I wasn't sure how to get around this so they decided to cancel. For context, I am a life coach and dating coach. I am sure I may come across more instances where people don't like the idea of conversations of their personal lives being recorded. HELP!

1. Is it against the rules to Zoom outside of the platform to avoid the call being recorded. 

2. Is there a way to Zoom on the platform but stop the call from being recorded?

3. What do I do when a potential buyer wants to zoom before making an order?

4. The buyer cancelled, I saw a message saying this may affect my completion rating. How do I avoid this as it was cancelled do to the buyer asking for something against the rules, not my non attempt to fulfill. 

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Hello ashleystancle,

1. Yes, I believe that using an external link from Zoom that isn't the one that Fiverr provided you is against the rules.

2. Probably on a normal Zoom call you can, but you can't on the Fiverr calls. Fiverr actually always records the video calls and saves them for the seller and the buyer, and also to make sure there is no violation of any rules during the call. Source: Fiverr Video Calls

3. It is up to you, as I said it is probably against the rules to use a Zoom link that isn't provided by Fiverr directly.

4. Well, probably the only way to avoid it is to actually not get any canceled orders. Here's the a more in-depth source: All about Order Completion

One way to avoid pre-order calls and people cancelling the order might be to put a vide on your gig, if you haven't already. Just do a small trailer where you talk and maybe show yourself, this will attract more buyers in the first place, and they'll already know what to expect before the order.

Have a nice day!


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