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I am a new seller, how do I promote my Fiverr gigs And how to increase gig impressions?

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There are lots of great resources on the Forum (as well as the help centre) so please do look around, use the search feature and contribute constructively however you can. The link below is a post I put together that covers a lot of common questions, and great links to topics created by other successful sellers. If you're serious about growing on Fiverr I think it's well worth the time investment to read through it.

Best of luck with your Fiverr journey and welcome again!

@gigzlogo your post was automatically hidden by the system (and I won't approve it) because you gave incorrect advice about staying online 24/7. This is NOT true. Staying online really won't help you (replying quickly to buyers will, but you don't need to stay online to do this, use the app). This rumour / myth is so untrue that Fiverr took the steps to try to automatically block posts that state this. I can see you're a successful seller on Fiverr (congratulations!) but get some time back by not staying online all the time!

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There are multiple ways to make your gig impression increasing.

One of my experience and knowledge is to submit a document to Fiverr Pro.

Please make sure that you fill the full information there with your experience, skill, education, social web links and so on.

Then, you can also use your profile link to advertise about your gigs. After you get 5 reviews at least, you will get level up to seller one.

Better things come to you at that time.

Good luck!

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