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My client doesn't connect and the order is already 2 days late. What do I do?!


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On October 21, a man bought my gig and sent me all the necessary information. As always, I replied in less than 1 hour that I was going to send him advances soon. The next day I sent him the first photos, and he responded immediately. We were talking several times to correct things. All normal so far. That same day, he told me that it only need one last correction and it was perfect. So I sent him for the last time a final version of the order in a few minutes.
That day he didn't answer me, the next day either. I sent him a message. Anything from him. It's been 2 days and still no response. I just need him to tell me if he liked it and that's it, I'll send the photos. But I check his profile and he hasn't connected to fiverr in 2 days either.

So I have the following complexity.
- I can't deliver, because it will be late and it will hurt my profile (in 2 weeks I'll go up to level 2). And the only way to deliver is by asking him to postpone the delivery deadline.

-And I don't want to cancel either because the job is good, he likes it, I spent my hours doing it, and I deserve the pay.

So i have 2 questions. Does it harm me to leave that purchase late there, until I wait for him to connect?
And the next one is, what do I do? What do you advise me to do? This has never happened to me before.

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