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What is cash advance feature?


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It has a hefty fee attached, so if you're fee averse, it could be bad. Many people believe it's free. It is not; while it has no 'interest' applied, the fee is heavy.

However, I consider it's good. It offers an instant cash top-up for sellers when they may need more funds in their cash flow for whatever reason. It's simple to take and simple to pay back; you don't have to do anything at all, and the repayment pace is good. If you're earning well, you'll soon pay it back. It only takes funds back from earnings.

There are not many other places where you can enhance cash flow by $5000 (in my case) within one second by just clicking a button. It does not affect your credit score so is helpful as a short-term loan when, say, you're needing a few extra thousand to make up a house deposit or another large buy, while knowing it won't have any adverse effect on future borrowings as it doesn't go on your consumer credit profile.

Most of all, it's good because it is a strong indicator of how Fiverr sees your performance. Those who are under-performing, even temporarily, will not be offered a cash advance. It gets taken away when your performance dips; if it's been taken away, your Fiverr performance has taken a dive and this may be a fast way to find out!

I like to see that Cash Advance remains available to me since this is one way to know my buyers are still happy and that no one has submitted a private review thats out of accord with what they've said to me directly or what the public review shows.

Of course, we all like to think all of our clients are open and honest with us. Due to sensitivities, one or two may not be. If the Cash Advance feature gets withdrawn from a seller's profile, the chances are it's because a buyer was not delighted with a recent purchase and the Promoted Gigs may be withdrawn too.

So, to my mind, even at times when I don't need to use the Cash Advance, I like to know it's still available to me as a measure of my performance.

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