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Supplying of Credentials?


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I hold fitness certifications which I think might be a nice addition to display on my gigs under the gig>gallery>documents(pdf) section.

However, I wish to redact some of the information for two reasons: 1. I am not comfortable displaying my full name on this website. 2. I do not wish to supply a document which could be so easily edited into a forgery.


My question:  Would it be better to add the document with portions redacted, or not add it at all?

Do you think I should pursue a different option not presented above?

Thank You

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Hi @atawin, on your seller profile page, there is a "Certification" section for you to add in all relevant credentials (it is under your picture, just scroll all the way down on the left sidebar and you'll find it under the 'Education' section):


I add in all my certifications here and I don't need to show a copy of my certificates. It'll look like this after you fill out the form above:


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