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Any suggestion


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1 hour ago, yasindu318 said:

First of all......

1. You need to share your gig in the social media

2. You should be active on fiverr more time

You have just posted a topic in the forum to say your gig isn't ranking. Yet you try to give advice to someone with the same issue ???


I suggest that you concentrate on your own business rather than trying to advise other freelancers.   With 0 sales, and only joining Fiverr this month you have no credibility, and your comments can hamper the development of new freelancers on this board. 

Stop typing and start reading ! 

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9 hours ago, abdulah_javed said:

I have use keyword in a very good manner but my gig is still not appearing in the top searches. Also need suggestion to imporve my gig.https://www.fiverr.com/share/xplNmZ

All gigs take time to grow. You just joined this month and you already have an order, better than what I did in my first three months (0).

You are indeed using keywords effectively, but with some minor spelling errors, are you sure it's meant to be that way? 

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