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A new buyer question


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I made several orders from an illustrator with high rating and high number of orders.

The first order that I’ve made was only of one illustration (a first illustration out of an illustrations project). I mentioned that it’s in order to see if I love it. I got the first illustration in high resolution.

So i’ve made another 2 orders in “bulk”.

So when I downloaded those illustrations - they seems completely out of focus and blur (I can’t use them). But their preview is great and when I stand on the illustrations (and not on the file) inside the order - it download it in a lower resolution but it’s not blured or out of focus.

I asked from the illustrator to send it to me in a higher resolution - and she did, but the problem remains the same.

What do you think the problem is?

Is it possible that the illustrations downloaded in a poor quality because it was sent in a bulk?

It’s my first time that I ordered more than one illustrate in one order - so please help me if you can.

Thank in advanced

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