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How can i get clicks in my gigs and how can i get order?


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Hi @web_munna45 -

Here are my comments:

1. Your gig images have too much text. Keep it simple with only 3-5 words describing your services.

2. Add gig videos on all of your gigs (you only have a video on one).

3. Your selling point of "Unlimited Colors," isn't really a selling point.

4. Please only make promises you can keep. In your FAQs you mention that you will respond within 1 minute and in your gig descriptions, you mention 100% satisfaction.

5. Consider removing unlimited revisions and money back guarantee. These statements make your buyers wonder "why" they would need that and creates unnecessary questions in their minds about the quality of your services.

6. Try niching down. You are a web developer in a very competitive field. Since your gigs are very generic in nature, you are competing against every web developer out there. Pick a target audience and cater your gig to them. This will make you more competitive as a web developer and can increase your visibility in search.

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