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How to Get "Best" Service from a Seller

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Today i want to put some tips for buyers to get best service on fiverr.

most of sellers on fiverr are talented you just have to do something by yourself to get a very good experience of service while working with them

  1. Be polite and appreciating:

    being polite to the seller and appreciating his work makes him feel good by your words will make him to bring best for you.

  2. Be supportive:

    supporting your seller by providing him the clear description of your imagination will help seller to do a great job for you. providing him rough hand made sketches for example can help a lot.

  3. Be clear:

    being clear about what you want is very important, changing mind again and again during order distract the seller and the efficiency is reduced.

  4. Divide the whole task:

    if you think your task is quite difficult then you should go step by step ( but being to the point ) and guide the seller through out the way to get exact what you required.

  5. Spend more:

    last but not the least spending more will make the seller more comfortable to work with you. a seller generally prefers an order that is a bigger one and provide a higher level of service to that one. you can compensate with seller in this matter by purchasing the gig extras or giving a handsome tip to the seller.

    hope these tips will help you in future with your purchases.

    stay blessed
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Great tips. Clear description about requirements help a lot for better service and saves the time too. Polite conversations makes the seller comfortable and they work better obviously better to give the best. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

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