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Fiverr Rating Systems


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fiverr just changed its rating system from “Thumb Reviews” to "Star Rating system"

i just want to sort out which one is better;

Thumb Reviews:-

This system included a positive and negative thumb that was used to rate either seller or buyer negative or positive , the major draw back of that system was the person who rates his experience could not rate it 100% as he had only two options and no way between them.

Star Rating System:-.

this system helps the buyer/seller to rate his experience from 1-5 stars depending upon his level of satisfaction. this system has also a disadvantage as no seller like me would like to be rated 4/5 stars after giving his 100%. i my self as a seller would like to give a refund instead of getting my rating down to 4.9/5.0 by getting a 4 star from a buyer.


either thumb or star both systems help the buyers to choose the best among sellers and sellers to improve their service to get more on fiverr. let’s discuss the rest to sort out which system is best…

stay blessed

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