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I get revisions from buyer even when I set zero revision on a custom order.



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6 minutes ago, descryart said:

I set my revisions to < 3 for my convenience. this time i set it to zero and the buyer is really sending me revision after revision.

how to i not accept revision or how to charge for them additionally.

First, you should align your revisions with your gig. The buyer has to know what to expect. Do not change them up without warning.

As for not accepting a revision request, you simply have to inform the buyer. Then, you can send a paid revision gig extra and if they decline, you can redeliver the work.

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4 hours ago, descryart said:

if they decline the extra revision i can redeliver the same work and it will be marked as complete?

Only if the buyer stops asking for revisions. It will take 3 days after the last delivery.

And don't think that you are done when an order is marked as complete.

The buyer has 14 days to contact support, if something is wrong.

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