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Buyer wants to cancel


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So I’ve been selling my method on Fiverr, and my customer bought the method, then when I delivered the order in a PDF, then just about 5 mins later he asks for a refund. "Not working, need refund"

From what I can see, he did not even try my method since it takes 40 mins to just set it up.

So then I replied: “and how is it not working?” to offer him support to set it up, then he replied: "not working please cancel"

He don’t want to even try to set it up, and I have no idea if he is using the method, and just want the money back.

What should I do? And can he just ask Fiverr to refund him like this?

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Great, he accepted to give me the money, but he is saying I did not offer him support.

I can’t stop laughing of this buyer :))

Well thanks everyone lol, I have provided proof in feedback that he did not want support.

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