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My gig are de-ranked from previous 2 to 3 months


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Before 2 to 3 months my gig impression was 15k to 17k. But suddenly the impressions of my gig were down day by day. Now, impressions of my gig is 222 or sometime they increase to 234. This happened with me from previous 2 to 3 months. I'm too much worried about it. I have also 3 to 4 ordered of my old clients. But there is no change in impression. Kindly guide me what i want to do to solve my problems. I'm thankful to you.

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Hello @muxammilak,

Fiverr search results are not always fixed. You will see that some new sellers are on the first page. Also, Level 2 sellers are periodically placed on the last page of the search results. This is done to give everybody a fair chance. Your stats should go back to normal within a few weeks.

Did you get any cancelled orders? Sometimes cancelled orders can have an impact on the ranking. This happens if the clients leave a negative review on your profile. 

I hope this helps. 

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