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Questions and discussion about Account Management


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Account Management 


What I can say about this is that to manage an account as a seller has a lot put in action; Like

1. Always be active to check your gig performance time to time for any malicious act from othe new sellers for plagiarism detection.



2. Know when to edit your gig for more search ranking, it’s only when you’re actively working on your account you can know this mostly when you’re not getting contact or order for couples of few weeks you want to check what is wrong is it about my profile settings or I need to Change few things on my gigs generally, maybe gig title, pricing adjustments, description and gig image.


3. Avoid Outside conversion irrespective of any circumstances 😱 this has been a brutal way of getting your account in trouble with platform system.


4. Don’t take order you can fulfill or deliver,  most seller using in haste or hurry to make thing happen or collecting orders without necessary measurement of the project requirements. Why? If you want to have strong account management for long periods of time, you don’t take all order or project that comes your way.


5. Know what you’re offering very well as a seller, this will help you a long term success as seller and help you prioritize what order to take and what not take from your clients. Allows checking the deliverability mechanism.


6. Deliever an outstanding services to your clients as been one of the best way to keep your seller integrity on this platform, your clients have to rate their experience based on your deliverability.

so make sure you always deliver an outstanding service, check your project well, and carry out what is called user testing before delivering any project to avoid buyer frustration. Frustration could leads your customers leave a 1 stars with good comments 👌


7. Stay Loyal and maintain your integrity, don’t manipulate or lie to any of your customers this will help you maintain a stable FIVERR account relationship.

This are my thought about what can help ah individuals to keep their account life status and I've been using these as a seller protection for my business account, and I welcome more ideas on this of which I know its not enough. There is still more to it!


I believe it will help us all to reach our potential, thanks 🙏 



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