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I have a bug, one gig from my TO DO list just won´t disappear


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Reply to @madmoo: I wish I could do that with my two “active” orders from over two years ago. I mutually cancelled a while back as Fiverr suggested it to be a “good idea” but instead of the counter going down from 3, it goes up a day each day. Apparently their current date of which they will cancel is, “1 month”. Pretty sure eventually it’s going to cause issues with my account and Fiverr CS said they were “looking into it” and will give me an update when they solve the problem. Pretty sure they’re just ignoring it. If I “cancel” the request, I just know it will leave an automated late feedback and i’ll get Fiverr CS telling me “We can’t remove late feedback notices” even if it was clearly the buyers fault for never providing the information. Maybe I should try on Fiverr’s Twitter/Facebook pages. Hmm.

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