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What is the solution to succeed in fiver?


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I was a full-time freelancer and level 2 seller. I properly started working at Fiverr in 2019. My Fiverr ID is 2 years old. I by heart was on a regular activity Fiverr. I try to market in my Fiverr gig links and share in common social media which is still going on.
I used to use the gig-promoted option, last 5 months ago suddenly my gig-promoted option became ineligible. After that, my Fiverr account went down, and unforgettable impressions slowly stopped after being active. After that, I didn't get any messages on any of my gigs. I Delivered the work by creating orders from an old client two months ago. Unfortunately, the client canceled my order. Then my Fiverr id on-time delivery and order completion become 50% together. I was very disappointed and the inbox response rate went to 91%. I lose my Fiverr-level two Badgestatus.
some days Later I successfully completed an order and then my Fiverr ID rating went up to 93%. after some days Later I received a direct order that was not in my specific category, then I contacted Fiverr support and canceled the order, which did not lower my rating.  I got level one badge again on the last 15th Oct and inshallah hopefully will get level two seller badge next month.
Last Oct 15 - The gig-promotion option is back. 
Instantly start this option but impressions only 19 in 5 days.
Now suddenly yesterday My Fiverr ID ratings were 100%.  It has been fixed. 
Right now I'm attention to the Fiverr club community.
What should I do now? What can I do to regain ultimate success in Fiverr? Will my gig change? I have been trying to find my gig link and my ID on various platforms including social media and looking for clients through various means but not get any success.
Can anyone instantly give me any practical advice?
Will I actually depend on Fiverr? Or should I try another freelancing platform? But I sincerely want to be successful at Fiverr.

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