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How many clicks are good for 100 impressions?


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7 minutes ago, mahfuz97 said:

Hi, I want to know how many impressions are actually good for one hundred impressions? 

Hi @mahfuz97,

Clicks are reflection of how attractive your gig is. So if your gig is attractive, buyers will click on your gig to check it out. I won't mention a specific number of clicks that's good, because clicks are only good if they lead to orders.

So focus on your conversion rate. If buyers are visiting your gig, do they end up buying from you? Or do they just move on to the next seller? If buyers are not buying, that means you aren't convincing enough - you will need to change your profile and gigs to be more appealing to your target buyers. Pay attention to the conversations that you have in your inbox, because that can shed light on what makes your gig attractive to buyers (or not).

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