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Seller Failed to Deliver and Rejected Extension of Delivery Date. Now Order marked as complete and delivered.


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Hi everyone, I am in a pickle and would like some insight and guidance from people who have come across similar situations.

I had requested for certain requirements, and I had messaged several sellers but finally ended up choosing one who seemed promising in chat. He promised me a delivery of 4 days for a job costing $120. Although his delivery time and price were slightly higher than other sellers, I went with him as he was a Level 2 Seller and seemed to know the topic.

I would follow up with him every day and asked if he needed any additional information and, but he said no and is working on the job, On the 4th day he sent out a "Delivered" but all it contained where these words "Sorry. I've a problem with my CADs. Your work is almost done. I'll send it to you by today. I just stopped the time because deadline is too close. I know it's not your fault." However, he did not request an extension for delivery instead it was marked as delivered. Fiverr asked me IF I approve the delivery, to which I didn't and requested an extension, the seller declined the extension, so I had no choice but to "Request a Revision". He still hadn't submitted anything I requested for, and I kept requesting for updates to which he said he's still working on it. On the 7th day he submitted another "Delivery" but unfortunately it was for a completely different system (I requested for a CO2 Suppression, and he provided an FM200 System) to which I told him I will not approve as he did not understand my initial requirements. He responded saying " I'll revise your work. I received multiple orders, but I think I miss-matched requirements. I'll address all of those things asap. I'm sorry."  I was understanding and again requested for an extension to which he declined, but Fiverr was giving me 3 days to approve the delivery which I can't do so I had no choice but to request for a revision. I asked the seller how many days he'd need to deliver my requirements and he stated 2 days to which I accepted. I kept asking for updates and he said he's almost done with it. On the 10th day he does a partial delivery and I noticed that even though he did a CO2 system he got my requirements wrong, he hadn't read the details I presented him initially, so I gave my comments and he said he'll address it asap. As usual I kept requesting for updates but he didn't respond and I once again tried to extend the delivery date but he declined and this time I asked him why he declined, and he said "Because I spend time on your work and you easily open disputes, wait for your delivery" To which I responded saying that it's been 12 days for an order he promised in 4 days and I pointed out to him that I only tried to extend the delivery and not dispute anything. To which he responds saying " To dispute is to cancel the order. I'm working on it and will send it today, because of multiple projects I couldn't deliver on time. Sorry. It's my fault. You just hold on; I'll send your work today. After approval of design, I'll provide you the BoQ as well." Again, I was understanding and decided to give him time and kept asking for updates to which he said he's working on it.  

I unfortunately did not request for revision again on time, so Fiverr directly approved of his last delivery.

I messaged him couple of hours after the "Approved Delivery" (it was just as I woke up) and told him that I never got what I requested for, and he said "I’ll deliver it you. If order was automatically completed. Don’t worry. I’ll provide you all things." To which I responded saying " I'm sorry but how can I trust your word? You have taken the money and still have not produced any work for it. Every time I ask for updates you say you will deliver today but you don't deliver. When I requested to extension you decline stating that I was trying to dispute." to which he replied "You’ve to trust me. It’s dispute. When I accept then order was cancelled, and I lose money. I'll deliver you work. I’m just stuck in Calculations. Because I don't have any software to do calculations of CO2. I’ve to use Tables and Calculations for Pipe Sizing. I’ll deliver you all things." To which I explained that I was only extending the delivery and never tried to cancel the order and before I gave him the job, he promised me that he could do the calculations.

This was yesterday, I've been messaging him asking for updates, but he has NOT responded to anything, he's gone completely AWOL.


Please help me. What can I do now? Did I just lose $120? Can I dispute this? I tried to reach Support but I haven't heard back. What do I do?


Sorry for making it a long one. I really need some help.

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Hi @aathynizam, Sorry to hear of your bad experience with that seller!

If you included the same information in your ticket to Customer Support, they should help you cancel the order so that you can get your money back. You can still cancel after an order has been closed, and you can provide Customer Service with all your conversations with the seller. This seller violated ToS by first delivering an empty order. He also took advantage of you with empty promises.

It can take Customer Service a while to respond, but they should be able to help you!

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