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How does permalink SEO affect onsite ranking for a gig




I have observed that if I start a gig with a title, say, "I will test text" and then later edit the gig to something more useful like, "I will create X product", the permalink remains fiverr,com/category/etc/I-will-test-text and does not modify to fiverr,com/category/etc/I-will-create-X-product.

Can anyone definitively point out to me how much affect this has?

Is it worth recreating the gig so the permalink SEO is appropriate.

If you would like some reference about what I am asking you can see: https://yoast.com/what-is-a-permalink/

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SEO is just making your product searchable more likely set gig according to Fiverr search algorithm. In my opinion if you have order in your gig then you will notice huge impression, clicks and orders. If you make title with LSI keyword then it will be good for SEO and also make image which is best option for rank gig quickly. 

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