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Hello there,

Firstly need to say I am not going to write a huge story on this topic. I will try to give brief and straight forward answer this question.

In fiverr star rating is the one of best ways to earn more in the platform. Because if you have good rating value your trust level is very high. So buyers don't think twice to buy a gig from you. So, you can't earn it by only deliver deliverables. You have to do some small things except deliverables. 


Think through Buyer Shoes

Let's think If you are a buyer to get some service, how you like to work with your seller. 

1. Communication

If you get any question about your work. The only way you have to clarify it is contact the seller. If he/she is not a fast replier then sometimes you get annoyed. Always You like to see answer for your problem fast. So what you have to do is reply fast as possible to the chats. And also remember japanies said that customer is the God.

2. Clarity of the work

Lets think you need a logo for your business. So, you visit to fiverr and order logo design gig. Then finally you got your order as so many files. All files are in same folder. You hard to find what is the PNG?, what are the source files?, what are the vector files?, etc. But if you get files with categorized folders. It is easy to find what you want within few seconds. So always send clean work piece.

3. Quality

If you have to choose one from two products that have same appearance but in two qualities. What would you choose? There are no doubt definitely you will choose high quality product. Here also same. Buyers like to see high quality output. So always try to do more than your maximum.

4. On time

Do you like to wait? No. Your buyer is same he/she also like you, they don't like to wait. So give it on time.

5. More than ask

Think If you are go to shop and buy a pencil, then shopper give a free eraser to you. what you feel then? You get happy about it and shopper. Like that give some small extra thing to your buyer that he didn't ask. But useful for him.


If you follow above points no one will left you less than 5 stars. 

Important: Don't ask 5 star rating from buyer ever. It is a misuse of platform and it can be a reason to get warning to your profile/Gig that not better for future. I mean it will cause to SHAKKA BUM your GIG.😁

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