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Its Time to Kill the 5 Star Rating


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As we now can see fiverr is brushing us off,So I came up with the “We Will End” 5 Star Icon

It is their for all to use as a Icon,I feel Fiverr thinks if they wait long enough we will give up.

How could we give up on this??? For its the one main thing hurting us.

This is the new fight,So join me with this Icon,Now lets really fight.

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Scam came across. Buyers are free to give stars to sellers, and suppose sellers give 1 star to them, and then the unscrupulous buyers are free to change the rating they provided to the sellers.

And what about those silly buyers who provide 4.5 even if world class order is delivered to them?

When Fiverr customer support is contacted, they respond so lately that orders crosses the deadline and sellers have to face negative reviews. Some buyers blackmail by declining the order cancellation request repeatedly.

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