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How can I get first order from Fiverr?


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5 hours ago, mipiti48 said:

Hello how are you?  How many gigs do you have?  If you have one, try to get more gigs, the more you have the more impressions you will get. Also, use video that will give you a higher CTR on your gigs.   I hope it helps.  Take care.  


I have 7 gigs. and uses 3 Photo and 2 PDF for each gig.

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Please read the earlier posts on this topic. There are many great tips for new sellers over there. I will share some tips I have learnt from this forum.

1.) Create an eye catchy gig to grab the attention of the clients.

2.) Make sure your gig description and everything else is written without any grammatical error.

3.) Use the FAQ section to answer common questions that the client may ask.

I hope this helps. 

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