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I want to delete my gig.



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47 minutes ago, mohidfaizi said:


I've a gig that have one bad review. This single gig review is effecting my all profile reviews. 

I want to delete this gig to make profile reviews good. Will my profile reviews be stable after deleting this? 

Please help me 🙏 I'm very confused.

Hi @mohidfaizi - I don't see a negative review on your profile (I only see 5-star reviews), can you explain what the issue is?

Normally a bad review is on your profile forever (even if you delete the gig). So don't delete the gig. Instead, respond to the negative review professionally and address the concerns of the buyer.

How you respond to a negative review influences how your future buyers perceive you. As a buyer, I might consider doing business with a buyer that has a negative review based on how they responded to the negative review.

Also, over time, if you consistently deliver quality services and keep your buyers happy, your average rating can get back up to 5 stars.

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