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How much time it will take to get my first order on Fiverr?


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On 10/14/2022 at 6:13 AM, its_muqadass said:

Gig title, description, and tags all are fine. but still not getting any response. Please guide me where am i lacking?

My question is, how do you know if these are all fine, if you haven't gotten a sale after 3 months? Or any response?

Your gig titles and tags will help your buyers find you. Your descriptions will help convert your clicks into orders. If there are no orders something isn't working.

There's also a lot more than just titles, descriptions, and tags that are factored into how well you do on the platform. Consider adding gig videos and utilizing your image gallery (all 3 images and 2 PDFs) to show off your portfolio and skills. Your portfolio is huge when you are a new seller with no reviews. It shows buyers what you can do for them.

Also take a look at your gig thumbnails from a buyer's perspective - do they look different from your competitors? Do the images accurately convey your services within a few seconds? What would make buyers want to click on your images? I think your gig thumbnails could be simplified. Limiting the text to only 2-5 words that accurately describe your services also makes it easier for buyers to know what services you are offering.

I would also not offer unlimited revisions or include an FAQ that states "What if I'm not satisfied?" ...this makes buyers question your credibility as a seller. 

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