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18 minutes ago, sarabarkat said:

I am a new seller and I really am not understanding this option "Get Brief" like I set a rate and I wanna know how am I suppose to get notified . Tell me more about it please.

Hi Sara! 😊

Once you set the rate, Fiverr will notify you if there are any briefs that are matched to your profile. You can get notified via email, the Fiverr app, and on the desktop. It can take a while before you start getting briefs.

Once you start getting briefs, you might get a lot of briefs that seem irrelevant.  It's important that you respond to each one - this will train the AI to send you briefs that are more relevant. Again, it can take a while before you start seeing more relevant briefs.

If you choose not to make an offer, here are the responses that you can get for each brief:



You also have the option of messaging the buyer directly before making an offer.

After making an offer, it will show up in your inbox. You can withdraw the offer at any time. You will also get notifications if the buyer canceled their brief or if they chose another seller's offer.

This Brief & Match is available for all seller levels and it incorporates information from your gigs, availability, prices, your seller performance, and the buyer's brief to make matches between buyers and sellers.

It seems like there are mixed results - some sellers aren't seeing many matches and some buyers don't have any matches found for their briefs. It has worked well for me. I get about 5-10 briefs a day with my rate set at $200. One of my "Get brief" clients turned into a regular repeat buyer, so it's been really nice. However, right now, I have more briefs, and some of them are too vague, suspicious, or irrelevant.

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