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I will change my profile description for update some skills


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34 minutes ago, nirvul said:

Hey Experts Please give me some tips for this.

Hi @nirvul, I'm not sure what you you mean by this.

However, I'll share a fun fact with you!

If you add skills to your profile here (see below), you give your buyers opportunity to leave your gig.



Each skill can be "clicked" on by a buyer, leading them to 16 other sellers offering the same services as you. Since I have 11 skills listed, I'm giving my buyers an opportunity to work with 176 other sellers (11x16=176) who may be my competition.

I think @donnovan86 mentioned that he found himself in that list (which is comprised of the best talents Fiverr has to offer in those categories). However, I've never found myself in that list (which probably means I've got to step up my game)!

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