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How to create Fiverr business account ?


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5 hours ago, funzoft said:

Hi, I'm level 2 seller at Fiverr. I want to create Fiverr business account but please required guidance to make Fiverr business account.

Fiverr Business accounts are only for buyers.

It's not for sellers or sellers who also buy, unfortunately. I also would like to have a Fiverr Business account or a Fiverr Select/VID account, but both are buyer-only programs. You might get invitations to join these programs, but Fiverr Customer Support and my success manager has told me multiple times not to accept those invitations because I am a seller.

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Thanks vickeito, for your kind feedback.

I have seen few sellers who have Fiverr business tag. That's why I was looking to get this tag for collaboration with multiple users. 

Can I become both seller and buyer for being able to get Fiverr business?


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