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Thank You Fiverr Community! You Rock! Tips For A Newbie?


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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes Fiverr the epic and wonderful platform that it is. I feel extremely welcome in this community and I know that if I ever have any issues, I can ask each and every one of you for support. This is a very warm and welcoming environment, and I think that’s what makes Fiverr so great.

I also hope this is the correct area to post this in, if not, please direct me to the correct area!

That being said, I’m still relatively new here. I see a time of great profiles all around the site, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my profile? Some steps I’ve taken to try to get my profile noticed are:

-Created a video for one of my gigs

-Given the highest level of customer service to uphold a five-star rating

-Focused on speed of service

-Thanked every customer/buyer that I have had thus far for even TALKING to me and taking the time to check out my gig

-Added gig extras to make my gigs more comprehensive

-Studied other people’s profiles to see what works

-Created multiple gigs to increase my likelihood of someone buying a gig from me

-Used my face and personality so people know who they are actually interacting with

Some goals I have for the future are:

-Become effective at using gig extras to maximize productivity!

-Become a top rated seller!

-Be featured as a rising star!

-Become a trusted member of the Fiverr community

-Expand into other industries, such as business planning, SEO, Marketing and Advertising, Market Analysis, etc.

Are there any suggestions that you have based on what I’ve written here, and the goals for the future that I have? I would particularly like to focus on gig extras for the gigs I offer right now. How do you get users to purchase the extras? How do you make them look attractive?

I would be forever indebted to you if you could give me any morsels of information that would help me. I aspire to be an active and very helpful member of the Fiverr community. I would love to be the next big success story, and it would be totally awesome if you help me get there.

Thank you for taking time to read this post and I hope you all have a great Fourth of July or rest of the week if you don’t celebrate that holiday!


Chris Burns

P.S. I apologize for double posting, but I feel the “my fiverr gigs” forum is less appropriate for this topic? Moderate as necessary moderators! 🙂

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