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Hi @saqlainmemon, Welcome to the forum!

6 hours ago, saqlainmemon said:

Can you guys help me with my gig.

Here's my two cents:

1. The link you provided is for a different profile than your name here - do you have multiple Fiverr accounts? If so, this violates Fiverr's ToS. You are only allowed one Fiverr account.

2. Your gig should convince buyers to place an order, so think from your customer's perspective - what would convince your customer to place an order with you?

3. You only have 1 gig image for each of your gigs. This doesn't do you justice. You get 3 jpegs and 2 PDF's per gig. Take advantage of those to show off your skill and portfolio.  If you don't have a portfolio, create one. This gives you credibility as a new seller and lets the buyer know what to expect. Currently your buyers can't see how good of a writer you are.

4. I would also add a gig video to each of your gigs to further engage your buyers.

5. Please also take advantage of your FAQs - you get 10 per gig. Cross-link your gigs so that buyers can know the full range of services that you offer. Cross-linking your gigs can also help you increase your orders.

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