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Hi @khaleda_runa!

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! 😊

42 minutes ago, khaleda_runa said:

I active more than 14 hours but my gig impression is not increase.

Being active online does not give you impressions, clicks, or orders - this is a common myth and isn't true. Just make sure to respond to every message that you get within 24 hours and keep your average response time to 1 hour (which can still be done even with 8 hours of sleep a night). Having the mobile app is helpful, but you can also get alerts through emails.

Impressions are related to your relevancy to buyers who search for your services. So put yourself into the mindset of your buyers and speak to them. Give them reason to buy from you and not the other web designers out there. You're in a very competitive field, so make yourself unique and define your target audience.

Don't become too technical because your buyers might lose interest. All they want to know is if you can develop an awesome website for them. Your portfolio is huge because you can show your buyers visually how you can help them. So take advantage of all the gallery images you have, including the 2 PDFs that you can post in your gallery. Gig videos are also a great way to engage your buyers and show off your services and abilities.

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