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How many days after first gig should have create another gigs?


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10 hours ago, mamun_acca said:

Now Should I open new gigs?

As long as you have the skills and bandwidth to offer additional services, go for it!

Offering more gigs related services can increase your exposure in search (since you'll be associated with more tags) and can give your buyers an idea of all the services you can offer to them. You can start by splitting up all the services that you offer in your one gig (e.g., Quickbooks, Taxes, Excel Bookkeeping, WAVE, etc.).

10 hours ago, mamun_acca said:

And What should I do for the first gig to Boost impressions and clicks?

Find ways to make your gig appealing to your buyers. You have a gig video - add a thumbnail with 3-5 words so that your buyers know what services you offer. Give them reasons to click on your gig, and then to buy.

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okay good question.

>>Form my experience before publishing your gig first you have write all description about gig but you have to insure that all description will have to your keyword minimum 3times each keyword if you do it then impression will have minimum 600+ per day.

>> After opening your account you must be publish your gig within one hour

>> Per gig publishing time will 45m mind it.



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