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Sort By Best Selling Option

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I just searched with the keyword 'cartoon vector portrait' and sorted the results by Best Selling. And I noticed that some of the gigs that are ranking on page 1 have zero reviews. While the gigs that are ranking on the subsequent pages are having much more reviews.

Then I performed search using some other words and found similar results in those cases as well.

Does anyone know how Fiverr decides on the gig rankings when one sorts by Best Selling? Is there any sort of bug in Fiverr's Best Selling Sort By option?


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Hi there cartoon_avatar,

Thank you for reaching out.

As you probaby know by now, Gigs do shift and rotate daily. The reason for this is becuase we want to give all Sellers the same amount of opportunities to get orders, we have to give everyone a chance. Position also depends on other factors like ratings, overall performance, etc.

If you have a minute or two, please take a look at a very useful post Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"

But, if you still have more doubts or questions please contact our Customer Support by opening a ticket https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/ or by sending an email to support@fiverr.com and they will be more than happy to help you quickly.



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It's hard to say how the fiverr algorithm actually works. But according to my knowledge, if you organize the gig by researching keywords well in the title and tag, there is a possibility that your gig will rank. And give fiverr time and stay active online all the time it will also work well. Thanks

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