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Can I post the job I want doing (video Editting) and get people to contact me, rather than me contact them (and be turned down)?


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Hi everybody, 


I am new to fiverr so please go easy on me if this has been asked before.  I want some video editting and was able to browse the site without problems.  I searched for sellers in the category I want and sent 10 of the a message.  All 10 have turned my job down for various reasons.  Clearly, I am doing something wrong.  Clearly, I am setting my budget too low.  So, rather than me just banging on with this I thought it would be a lot better if I posted a job of exactly what I want and get people to contact me.  Is this possible?

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You can try briefs and buyer requests

Briefs is a newer feature wherein you type in your request, it matches with sellers that likely can fulfill your request through an AI system. Said sellers will get notified and the ones who are interested will make an offer.

Buyer requests is a bit of an older feature and is kind of getting a revamp right now (its not accessible in mobile) so you must use desktop. Its similar to briefs where you type in a request but this time sellers make an offer through a section on Fiverr called "buyer requests". A lot more sellers can make an offer on this as its not a matching system, but just an open listing where people make an offer.

You can try them one at a time or if you wish you can try both. I think briefs will be more effective since the ones who usually make offers in buyer requests are newer sellers as more established sellers do not really use buyer requests because they have a steady amount of orders or repeat buyers coming in. Although, if you want to explore you can try it out. 

(You can access them when you click on the upper right under your profile picture, manage requests/ post requests) 

But here are the direct links, copy and paste then change the "yourusername" portion to.. well your username. hehe





Hope this helps!

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