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Buyer trying to cancel after the order was delivered

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Hi all! 
I recently had a project where I delivered the order and now the buyer is trying to say that I didn’t give her what was described in my gig and wants to cancel. After I delivered her order she stated she wanted a book that was edited to publishing standards. This was never once communicated with me and is also stated nowhere in my gig. Especially because she ordered a developmental edit which I recommend for early stages of writing. Not at all anywhere near Publishing standards. She continues to complain that I didn’t meet her expectations (ones that we did not discuss I might add). At this point she has tried to cancel three times (all of which I’ve declined) and refuses to further discuss the project with me. I have kindly tried to explain my point of view to her, send her an itemized list of the work done and how it compares to what we’ve discussed, and offered to rectify the work FOUR separate times. The catch to all of this is that she will not even give me an opportunity to fix anything or meet her (unreasonable and un-discussed) standards. I’ve been in contact with Fiverr support who has ultimately been unhelpful. I’ve sent them screenshots of everything and compiled evidence supporting my point. 

I guess my question is, has anyone had a positive experience with Fiverr support? I’ve seen a lot of people on here talking about how they won’t protect their sellers. I feel very passionately about this, have had all positive reviews until now, and deserve to be paid for the work I did. I will not accept a cancellation request, especially when I’m not being given the opportunity to amend any of the work. Any insight would be helpful!

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No, Fiverr does not do anything to support their sellers in situations like this, even if they come to agree that a buyer needed a different service and you completed the work as outlined. I've experienced the same thing and it's frustrating as hell -- I'm leaving Fiverr as a result because it just isn't worth the time/effort when you can get screwed by any random person who just doesn't feel like communicating/collaborating/being respectful at all. 

I've had people change their request mid-delivery AND after delivery and if you don't bend over backwards to accommodate, it's YOUR loss. 

Such a mess. Sellers need better protections if this is going to be a feasible set up. 

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