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client sent an image of a building created using ai and no other reference pics.


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I recently got an order ibn which the client sent me an image of a dreamy building which he made using midjourney. he wants me to create it in blender and I'm trying but there are no reference images and blueprints and the thing about the building is that it has no actual structure. its very curvy and it has lines that just end nowhere. I  cant figure out how to make it and ive been trying for a while

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I have no idea about this sort of design.

What I do know is that you have to communicate thoroughly with the client before and after placing the order.

Did he just order without previously contacting you? If this is the case, message him and tell him that the requirements are incomplete, or that the project is impossible.

If you fail to come to terms with him, you can contact customer support to cancel the order without affecting your stats.

The order would be eligible for such a cancellation if it is deemed that the buyer ordered by mistake—without understanding the gig.

Hope this helps!

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