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Greetings to all the new sellers from a new seller! Hope you all are doing good. 

I am Maimona Muhammad, i just joined fiverr as a new seller.

Here, i want to share some of my  positive thoughts regarding a new seller journey. 

When we step in the online marketing platforms, we already had a lot of struggle and hardwork in polishing our skills so that we can able to provide high quality services to the buyers and indeed we all have so many expectations and dreams that we targeted to fullfil by becoming successful there. After entering to this field, we within a very short time, become so anxious to get orders and to rank first. We start getting worried about that and the stressful questions come into our mind like "Why we are not getting orders untill now?" and "Why our gig isn't ranking like the top rated sellers?" 

Hold on guys!

      "Greater things take time"

If we look into the journey of some top rated sellers, we'll find that they also took a lot of time to reach this stage. There must be a huge struggle they put to get their goal. So we also have to keep patience and don't need to be stressed, at that time the only need is to be determined and to be consistent. As we heard,

" Victory is always possible to the person who refuses to stop fighting"

Most of the sellers among us are always passionate and determined to their work. We all are determined to give our best, we are always ready and wait to show our abilities,skills and hardwork to the buyers.

Keep it up! This Determination is everything and one day we will surely get the fruitful results because of this. No matter how much time its taking to get orders just believe on yourself and never stop struggling and keep hardworking. Stay persistent to your work and never get disappointed you'll surely be successful one day. As it is famous proverb,

             "Hardwork pays off"

So keep patience, stay consistent, keep hardworking and stay determined. You'll be successful.

"A dream does not become reality through magic, it takes time, sweat determination and hard work".







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