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Gig ranking problem



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1 hour ago, rifat_samiul said:

suddenly i lost my gig rank and my gig impression is now very poor.
Expert suggestion needed.. pls help

Hi @rifat_samiul, it might be because you haven't gotten orders for 6 months. Fiverr promotes accounts that have orders and quality deliveries. Your last delivery was 6 months ago and you only have 2 reviews on your account, both a year ago. You might want to update your profile so that buyers know that you are actively offering your services and give your gig a fresh new look that is optimized to the buyers you are targeting.

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I agree with @vickieito You need to concentrate on your profile as there are a lot of things you can improve on. 

1) You claim to have built 134 websites, yet I can't see any of your work in your gig images?

2) your gig images have a female person on them, yet your profile image is male. this could be confusing for buyers

3) Your gigs have formatting issues and broken English, if you can't get your own gig looking visually good, then why would anyone expect any different on a website you build? 

4) Your prices are disproportionate for the work you're doing.  You will make a 5 page website with 10 products for $10?  People will expect low quality for this price.  Charge for the work, don't undervalue yourself.

Think of the 5 second rule.  A customer will make up their mind in just 5 seconds if they want to buy from you, otherwise they will bounce straight back out. So ask yourself this.

1) Do my gig images look impactful? And do they make customers want to buy from me?

2) Can they see the quality of my own work straight away?

3) Is my gig worded correctly without errors?

If you can't answer yes to all of these questions, you have work to do.  

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